About Joe Chiffers

I am a barrister, with the right to conduct litigation and to accept public access work.  I specialise in civil and commercial litigation.  Previously I was a solicitor advocate (a solicitor with the same rights of audience as a barrister).

With over 13 years of civil and commercial litigation experience, working as an advocate and as a solicitor in private practice, I know the profession very well from the perspective of clients, solicitors and the judiciary.

My professional moto, which comes from the Barristers Code of Conduct, is to ‘promote and protect my client’s interests fearlessly, without regard to my own or to other peoples’.  All too often I have heard a solicitor say ‘I will need to twist my client’s arm to accept that settlement’, or a barrister stand up in Court and state ‘Your honour, I am instructed to argue that ….

In both cases the lawyer is signalling that they are embarrassed of their client and attempting to protect their professional reputation ahead of their client’s interests.  This is something that I have never done because I value my clients and the integrity of the legal system too highly.

Outside of work I enjoy weight training and have competed in a small number of power-lifting competitions.  I also enjoy running, having competed at County level when I was much younger.

I can even claim to have competed against Mo Farah at the English Schools Cross County Championship, even though he had probably showered and eaten by the time I had finished.

I also enjoy reading philosophy and seeing new parts of the world with my wife.