Another Chance to Sign the Free Speech Petition

Another Chance to Sign the Free Speech Petition

Here is a link to the petition calling for an end to so called hate speech laws.  I am referring to it again because the petition appears to be losing momentum and I would like to see it reach the threshold of 100,000 signatures, which would trigger a debate in Parliament.  These petitions expire after 6 months and this one was created in mid January.

There are some prominent cases involving so called hate speech laws that are sub judice.  When a verdict is given, I intend to write about these cases, but aside from that I intend to look at other restrictions on free speech, imposed by cooperate society.

In considering these restrictions, it is important to consider the teleological justification for free speech, namely the betterment of mankind, collective intellectual improvement and individuals feeling that they have the potential to influence others (failing which they are more likely to feel justified in resorting to violence).  These objectives can be stifled without the Government lifting a finger, at least in terms of using the criminal law.

I am referring to, the monopoly of social media companies, the behaviour of the mainstream media, the behaviour of some employers and the economic changes that have affected the percentage of people employed by either the Government or large corporations.  Such changes themselves being brought about by political decisions.

I will argue that it is inadequate and obtuse, to simply state that decisions to censure are simply being made by private commercial entities who have the right to make such decisions; by analogy even Milton Freedman, who was among the most zealous proponents of free markets, advocated restrictions on monopolies, citing his teleological justification for free market capitalism, namely the increase in freedom and prosperity.