HERE is a campaign organized by the Anti-Defamation League for advertisers to boycott Facebook for a month.  The organisation lists 10 demands that should be addressed immediately, although apparently these will not be sufficient to address the problem.

The demands include removing groups that promote ‘climate denialism’ and ‘vaccine misinformation’.  It also includes requiring Facebook to evaluate policies for ‘bias’ and ‘hate’ and to submit to ‘independent audits’, although it is not specified who should carry out the ‘independent audits’. 

The campaign has the backing of a long list of large corporations as can be seen from the link and apparently Facebook has lost considerable value because of the campaign.

The campaign is taking place at a time when there has been a very recent acceleration in de-platforming on the internet and social media.  Six prominent YouTube channels have just been removed see HERE.

It looks as though an alternative to YouTube, Bitchute, see HERE, is facing scrutiny and there may be calls in future for its website domain  to be removed; the website Vdare is due to have its domain and hosting withdrawn, after approximately 20 years, seemingly due to the content of the website, see HERE.

It would seem that none of the content in question was illegal and the use of the nebulous concept of ‘hate’ as a justification for censorship and de-platforming, is expanding rapidly.

There appears to be a coordinated campaign of censorship by powerful corporations and NGOs, who wish to limit the information that is available publicly available on the internet, so that the Overton window will not shift beyond what they are comfortable with.

It would seem that only legislation governing those companies with a monopoly on these services and infrastructure, will properly address the problem.