I am able to offer mediation services in any of my practice areas.

Based on my experience of attending a large number of mediations in my (circa) 15 years of practice, I beleive that the qualities required for a succesful mediator are:

  1. Empathy for the parties positions.
  2. Lateral thinking (often a dispute can be resolved with solutions that a Court would not be able to order. Additionally, often the parties want something from each other outside of their pleaded case. For example in a neighbour harassment dispute, this may be resolved by one party buying the property of the other).
  3. A quick an incisive analysis, so that the strengths and weaknesses of the party’s case can be explained concisely.
  4. Demonstrating that they have reviewed the papers thoroughly.
  5. The ability to listen.
  6. The ability to explain the strengths and weakness of a case without appearing to give an opinion or demonstrate bias.
  7. Ensuring that the parties do not make tactical and insincere offers, which mean that the gap cannot be bridged within the day allocated for mediation.

Our fees are competitive; we will offer a fixed fee upon review of the papers. Our average fee for a multi track case would be £1500.