My Practice

My Practice

I can act as a fee earner and carry out all of the functions of counsel, i.e. draft statements of case, provide advocacy in any court and draft opinions, in virtually all types of commercial and civil litigation.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of work that I can carry out.

  1. Landlord & Tenant Claims (for Residential & Commercial, acting for Landlords or Tenants)
  2. Breach of Contract Claims
  3. Employment Claims
  4. Personal Injury Claims
  5. Tortious Claims (e.g. Defamation, Negligence & Nuisance)
  6. Property Disputes (e.g. boundary disputes, rights of way disputes, restrictive covenants and co-ownership disputes)
  7. Debt Recovery Work
  8. Insolvency

Below are some concrete examples of the types of service that I can provide (the list is not exhaustive):

  1. Drafting terms and conditions
  2. Attending trials or hearings as your advocate
  3. Advising you on the strengths of a potential claim that you wish to bring or need to defend
  4. Advising you on settling an existing or potential claim
  5. Drafting the documents required to issue a claim
  6. Drafting a defence
  7. Having conduct of all or part of your proceedings (whichever is more suitable to you)
  8. Drafting witness statements, applications or other complicated litigious documents
  9. Providing you with an advice, face to face, in writing or both
  10. Providing you with advice and assistance, for active proceedings

Numbers 2-9 above are in relation to civil and commercial litigation.  If your matter does not involve criminal law or conveyancing then I can probably deal with it.

Small Claims Hearings

Many barristers and solicitors, will not deal with small claims proceedings because this is not cost effective for them.  However, this does not apply to me as my overheads are very low.  As stated in the “Benefits of Instructing Me” section, to ensure cost effectiveness, you can conduct part of the proceedings yourself and provide me with discrete instructions, for instance you can instruct me just to attend the small claims hearing.

Fee & turnaround time

My fees are fixed in the vast majority of case and are very competitive.  Due to my fairly wide range of work, I cannot publish fees on this site.

To enable me to put forward an appropriate fee proposal to you, I will need understand your case.  To understand your case, I will need to review your paperwork and often have a discussion with you; I will not charge you for this process, although as I am sure you will appreciate, a review is not supposed to be a substitute for proper advice.

VAT is payable on my fees (company VAT number – 342 6306 21).

My standard turnaround time for drafting a document or an advice is 7-10 days.  This can vary considerably depending on the number of documents I need to review, the complexity of the matter and my commitments at the time the instructions are accepted.

All of the services referred to above can be provided by me on a public access basis.  The fee structure, i.e. fixed fees for most cases, applies to my public access work.

A link to the public access guidance for lay clients is provided below:

Reported & notable cases that I have been involved in (both as a solicitor and as a barrister)

Judicial review against Liverpool City Council regarding regulations against buskers (2012), SEE HERE

BMW Financial Services (GB) Ltd v Hart (2012); see HERE

Enterprise Insurance Plc v U Drive (Gibraltar) Solutions Ltd (2016); see HERE.

RE Barclay Entertainment Limited (2019), SEE HERE (obtained a winding up order against a company that was subject to a Company Voluntary Liquidation, against a strong presumption that the winding up petition should be dismissed due to the CVL).

Paula Walters v DWP (2019) SEE HERE  (My client, the Claimant was unsuccessful, but the case provides non-binding guidance that nationalism is likely to be a belief that is protected by the Equality Act 2010)

Robinson v Ramsbottom (2020) (A case heard by His Honour Judge Sephton QC, where I successfully represented a collector of rare tattooing artefacts.  My client’s unique Christian Warlich sketchbook had been damaged by another collector).

Penny Lane Claims v Channon et al (I successfully represented the Respondent in a High Court Appeal heard by Mr Justice Snowden.  The case was very similar to Manchester Shipping Ltd v Balfour Shipping Ltd & Anor [2020] EWHC 164, which had been heard shortly before –  SEE HERE)


The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn

Chancery Bar Association


I operate as a limited company, Joseph Chiffers Barrister at Law Limited (company number – 11828322).  My company and I are both regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  A link to the Barrister’s Register is provided below – you can also verify the status of my company and I by contacting the Bar Standards Board:


I and my limited company are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.  I have a privacy policy available on request.

My client care letter details my complaints policy and the right of a client to complain to the Legal Ombudsman; you may complain to me in writing and I will usually reply to your complaint within 21 days, stating whether it is rejected, upheld or upheld in part.  If you are not satisfied with my decision on your complaint, you have the right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman within 6 months of the date of my decision.   You can find out about the procedure for complaining to the Legal Ombudsman, how to contact them and the applicable time limits at

You can also find data on the decisions of the Legal Ombudsman via the link below (there are no decisions involving me):