TUCKER CARLSON provided an interesting analysis of the horrific events currently taking place in the United States, last Saturday. 

He did not use the expression anarcho-tyranny, but this seems to be what he was referring to, when he contrasted the ruthless response of state bureaucrats to infringement of petty rules, against the impotent response of the state to the savage criminality of the rioters, whose behaviour does not appear to be motivated by any perceived sense of injustice at the death of George Floyd.  Indeed, the arrest of Derek Chauvin does not seem to have had any effect on the situation.  In this respect, the current events in America remind me of the riots that followed the death of Mark Duggan in England in 2011.

Mr Carlson refers to there being a dividing line between those who embrace civilisation and those who wish to destroy it.  This idea has been considered and developed before, in the late nineteenth and early 20th Century, by some anthropologists and sociologists, who have suggested that such atavistic impulses find a justification in certain political causes and ideologies.[1]

The proceedings against Derek Chauvin are sub-judice and so I make no assumptions or assertions about his guilt or motives.  Nor do I make any assumptions about the event in general.   

However, having watched the video of the arrest (I make no assumptions either way however, about the authenticity or veracity of this video), I cannot formulate any possible explanation as to why the officers would have thought that the force they used, in particular the resting of Mr Chauvin’s knee on Mr Floyd’s neck, was necessary or safe*2. Furthermore, it is difficult to conclude that the officers would not have known that serious harm to Mr Floyd or worse, would result.  The officers would have known they had body cameras on and that it was highly likely they would be filmed by members of the public.

The case seems to be unlike the cases of Travyon Martin and Michael Brown.  In both of those cases the accused alleged that they were acting in self defense and were acquitted of any criminal charges.  In my opinion, the coverage by large sections of the mainstream media of these two cases was contemptible. In the Martin case, such coverage included the editing of a tape of the 911 call by NBC news, which would inevitably mislead viewers, see HERE.     

The reaction to the Floyd case was predictable.  Furthermore, the riots may be used to justify a further undermining or even a complete usurpation, of the Constitution of the United States.  

1 – See for example, the commentary on Bolshevism by Gustave Le Bon in  ‘The World in Revolt’ (1921)

2- It is not possible to know from the video alone, how much force is being applied via the knee. The indictment of Chauvin for 3rd degree murder and manslaughter, refers to a preliminary post mortem. This states that the cause of death was the combination of being restrained, along with underlying health conditions and the use of intoxicants.