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Burden of Proof To Be Lowered in Barrister Disciplinary Proceedings

The Burden of Proof is due to be lowered in barrister disciplinary proceedings.  Currently the burden of proof for professional misconduct hearings for barristers, is the criminal standard, namely beyond reasonable doubt.  The burden is due to be lowered to the civil standard, namely the balance of probabilities. The change is subject to approval from the Legal Services Board.  If approved…

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Human Rights & The Never Again Justification; Part IV of IV (Conclusion)

So far I have argued the following: that human rights laws are not integral to the rule of law that international human rights laws have been ineffective in practice and this is due to a lack of consensus on the issues that human rights laws are designed to apply to that there is no transcendental justification for human rights laws…

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On the 13th December 2017, the Committee on Standards in Public Life, published its report titled ‘Intimidation in Public Life’; see here for the full report. The Report considered alleged attempts to intimidate Parliamentary Candidates at the last general election, primarily via social media, with the Prime Minister initiating the Inquiry in July of 2017. The Report reviews the current…

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Human Rights and the ‘Never Again’ Justification; Part III of IV

[Protesters, pictured above protest about the rate of murders committed against Boer/white farmers in South Africa.  According to the organisation Genocide-Watch, they are at risk of genocide, see here.  Are human rights laws likely to prevent genocide?  This is part 3 of a 4 part article examining the ‘Never Again’ justification for human rights laws; in other words the argument…

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Human Rights Laws & the ‘Never Again’ Justification; Part II of IV

[This is Part II of IV of an article about whether human rights laws serve as an effective prevention against genocide and/or democide.  See here for Part I] To what extent do legal instruments that are designed to protect human rights, reduce human rights violations? Statistical studies have sought to measure a state’s human rights performance before and after a…

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Human Rights Laws & The ‘Never Again’ justification; Part I of IV

Introduction At the end of this article, is a short video produced by an organisation called ‘Human-Rights-Info’. The video argues that codified human rights laws are necessary to prevent genocide. This is known as the ‘never again’ justification and was the rationale for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (“UNDHR”), which inspired the European Convention on Human Rights (“ECHR”). See here…

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